Today I was going to start one of the 30day challenges…..

I was going to start one of those fun 30 day challenges my pick was 30 days of being a better wife. I had heard there would be hard days who knew the first day attempted would be a total fail, or as my 9 year old son would say “epic fail”. My husbands attitude has been worse then normal. After hearing about his day I found out he has been in a foul mood since he woke up.


This is the exact opposite of how he looked all day today. Why I will be starting my challenge tomorrow. Plus I know we will both be in a better mood that is unless Hank confronts Walt which might give me a minor panic attack. If you aren’t watching breaking bad I strongly suggest you record tomorrows episode and watch all the past seasons on netflix.
For now things are calm can’t wait to see what tomorrow bring.


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