Days 1,2&3

The first 3 days were great. Day one was Sunday and I shared my iced coffee with him in the morning, since he looked extra tired. Normally I don’t share my coffee, but he needed a little pick me up after our fight on Saturday night. Day two I was a little hung over from the cocktails we Madoff for our breaking bad party, I still maid sure I was out of bed showered and had dinner ready to go when he got home from work. Day three his brother is out visiting from Vegas and we all decided to see a movie, I wanted to see we’re the Millers and the guys wanted to see either the conjuring or the wolverine. I don’t do horror movies and since I like comic book movies (except the hulk movies, but that’s for another blog) I decided to cast my vote for the wolverine and it was a great movie.
I am already noticing a change in my hubby, he is more affectionate and today he offered to take me shopping for clothes. I assure you he has never offered to take me shopping for clothes. I will be keeping this up till the end. All this time I kept hoping he would change and I could stay the same.


Today I was going to start one of the 30day challenges…..

I was going to start one of those fun 30 day challenges my pick was 30 days of being a better wife. I had heard there would be hard days who knew the first day attempted would be a total fail, or as my 9 year old son would say “epic fail”. My husbands attitude has been worse then normal. After hearing about his day I found out he has been in a foul mood since he woke up.


This is the exact opposite of how he looked all day today. Why I will be starting my challenge tomorrow. Plus I know we will both be in a better mood that is unless Hank confronts Walt which might give me a minor panic attack. If you aren’t watching breaking bad I strongly suggest you record tomorrows episode and watch all the past seasons on netflix.
For now things are calm can’t wait to see what tomorrow bring.